Equiano-An Extraordinary Life

Jan 15, 2019 | News & Events

This inspiring exhibition told the story of his life and times, drawing together all the major themes connected to the history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its abolition as well as his experiences travelling and trading around the world.
The exhibition used major national and international artworks as well as objects from the collection of Birmingham Museum to explore the life and times of Equiano. Multimedia interactive displays enable the visitor to explore this fascinating story in more depth. The exhibition also featured artistic responses to his narrative created by local school and community groups in conjunction with local artists.

Although the Equiano exhibition has now closed, people interested in the life of Equiano and the issues dealt with in the show will be able to find out more with the help of the book Equiano: Enslavement, Resistance and Abolition which includes new insights into enslavement, abolition, the role of women activists in the abolition movement and the connections between Birmingham, enslavement and abolition.

There is also an Education Pack, which is targeted at school pupils in Key Stage 3. The pack includes a series of History and Citizenship lessons and a CD with audio and visual material. This is an important resource as the topic of Equiano is to appear in the curriculum for Key Stage 3 from September 2008.

The book and the education pack are available at a reduced special price of £10.00 each from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

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